How is it possible that we can achieve such a great effect with such little input?

Everyone knows that the easiest and cheapest way to deal with trouble is to prevent it. This is true for our health, fires, but also for the maintenance of our cars, buildings, and dams.

Excercise and hiking is easier and cheaper than treating the incurable diseases arising from the lack of these. It is also easier and cheaper to keep the fire protection distances and the related regulations, than putting off the fire and rebuilding our homes, or entire districts. It is also easier and cheaper to regularly service our cars, and immediately react to the error messages on the dashboard, than replacing the motor, the transmission, or the suspension. It is similarly easier and cheaper to change a single broken roof tile, than fixing the wet ceiling and walls, or changing the furnitures that got ruined as a result. It is definitely easier and cheaper to monitor and fix the smaller damages on dams, than rebuilding it, along with the towns destroyed by the breach.
How can QFPC™ be so effective? - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCSFrom just €120, we can prevent an unintended pregnancy for a year. Compared to this, a whole lot more of our time and money would be spent to exclude flying, cars, meat, natural gas, and hot water from our lives, while living in an eco-house, recycling everything, and on top of this, all this together would not mean as much as the other alternative (although the two strategies do not exclude each other, apart from the obvious financial constraints).

How can QFPC™ be so effective? - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCSOne may do a lot of things to mitigate climate change by changing his lifestyle. She can resign from flying, using cars, and eating meat, may switch to using renewable energy, recycle, wash in cold water, refrain from using the drying machine, or may change the light bulbs. These are the most greenhouse-intensive human activities, most of which the average person does, and many more. For this reason, preventing an early conception, or an unwanted conception necessarily amounts to more emissions than all of these combined, plus it is a lot cheaper and easier!

How can QFPC™ be so effective? - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS

A low per capita ecological footprint entails a lot of renouncements, requires more time, and in a lot of cases, more money than a convenient lifestyle, which billions covet. And although it is undoubtedly exemplary and praiseworthy if we live like that, do not have illusions about its effect… As for all green ascetic, there are at least a hundred people who cannot wait to live the convenient, albeit wasteful life of the modern consumer – in many cases, people whom their parents didn’t even want! Thus, preventing the mistimed, and the unwanted pregnancies is indispensable for curbing climate change.

How can QFPC™ be so effective? - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS