How to Buy? - QFPC™ - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCSThe QFPC™ carbon credit is a realistic solution to the inevitable emissions by individuals and companies, as it guarantees their offsetting in a reliable and transparent way.

The continual reduction of carbon dioxide emission via QFPC™ comes from more than 10 international social and environmental projects. These already realized projects not only financed the offset of emissions, but also, initiatives facilitating the sustainable development of the region.

The premium carbon-dioxide credits, the QFPC™-s may be used to compensate the following:

  • Individual emissions
  • Corporate emissions
  • Emissions of events
How can I reduce my emissions?

In order to reduce individual emissions, and emissions of events, please visit the WEB CO2 Calculator webpage and follow the steps!

In the case of corporate emissions, calculating the emissions is more complex. Emission accounting is a method that quantifies how much greenhouse gases the company emits into the atmosphere in the limits specified by You!

These projects are part of the sustainable carbon model, and have a diverse portfolio. Thus, by choosing QFPC™, you contribute to the solution of the social and environmental problems addressed by your social responsibility strategy.

Click here to see our completed projects.

Fill the form to the right to learn how you can offset your individual or corporate emissions. We will contact you soon. You may also contact us by phone: +36 30 2351378 (Simonyi Gyula)


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