Using the The Free Carbon Footprint Calculator is very easy. Choose the language, country, and region where you live or conduct business.

Provide your contact, real consumption and lifestyle data in the form. After that, you may get the carbon footprint results by clicking the CALCULATE button. The carbon footprint is the largest, and fastest growing part of the ecological footprint. Use it to your, and your partners’ satisfaction, and take a step to prevent the aggravation of climate change with QFPC™ carbon credits.

The “Free Carbon Footprint Calculator” program is provided by the iCC-BOCS Team!

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The carbon footprint calculation and analysis may be realized individually as well; measures to lower it is the most effective means to lower the overall ecological footprint! The reason for this is that the carbon footprint accounts for 60% of it (globally).
A thorough corporate carbon footprint analysis may serve multiple business goals:
  • Handling the risks of greenhouse gas emissions, and identifying measures to lowering itQuality Family Planning Credit™
  • Informing the parties concerned, and the public (e.g. for the foundation of environmental-, and sustainability reports)
  • Preparation for the expected mandatory reporting and data provision
  • Better compliance to government rules and tender conditions that are expected to change (“positive discrimination” by the state towards the companies employing carbon footprint calculation)