The QFPS™ standard is a support program that besides quality family planning, also minds sustainable living on Earth.
The connection between the two is the following: Less people = Less pollution = Quality life
In reverse: More people = More pollution ≠ Quality life

If we are smart enough in family planning, then we can all live a quality life on a planet with finite resources.
With our projects, we provide assistance to those who do not have the opportunity of family planning, or have not yet recognized its importance, even though it counts as a basic human right, and is key to reach sustainability. We provide educational programs for women living in poor countries, which primarily help spreading knowledge related to family planning, and its individual, social, economic, and ecological benefits. All these contribute to getting out of property, to women’s rights, children’s righs, reduction of unemployment, improvement of public safety, the stability of ecosystems, curbing deforestation, and mitigating climate change.

International multi-year projects:
AWARE project
Partners: Italy (leading organization: Municipality of Padova),
Eritreia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary (BOCS)

Poverty to prosperity project
Partners: England (leading organization: Field Studies Council),Projects List - QFPC™ - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS Foundation
Ghana, Bulgaria, Hungary (BOCS)

Save Women’s Life projekt
Partners: Netherlands (leading organization: Rutgers)
South-Africa, Kenya, Germany, Malta, Hungary (BOCS)

Africa’s Demographic Challenges project
Germany (leading organization: DSW), Austria, Hungary (BOCS), Uganda, Tanzania

Global Education for Global Generation project
Germany (leading organization: WFD), Austria, South-Africa, Hungary (BOCS)

Euromapping project

Germany (leading organization: DSW), Brussels, Netherlands, Hungary (BOCS)

The BOCS Foundation gathered data for DSW’s Euromapping project from Hungary, translated related documents to Hungarian in order to communicate its merits, held press conferences about the project, and raised awareness among media personnel and policy makers (targeting key members in the Foreign Ministry responsible for the budget of the Hungarian Official Develompent Assistance).

Peace Education Course for Adults project
Netherlands (leading organization: IFOR), Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary (BOCS)

Hungarian multi-year projects:
Green National Conference

Hungary (leading organization: ZöldCivil)

The BOCS Foundation, being a multidisciplinary organization, which is part of international networks and which has ties to several fields of science, tends to introduce relevant scientific findings and new ecological concepts to the Hungarian environmentalist community (e.g. ecological footprint, carbon credits, etc).

2017: The BOCS Foundation relayed the scientific finding to the Hungarian environmentalist community that in terms of preventing CO2 emissions, the cost efficiency of securing the human right of contraception is 5 times better than other green techs

2016: The BOCS Foundation (as an organization that has been dealing with religious ecology for 40 years) described Pope Francis’ green encyclical to the Hungarian environmentalist community, and showed how it may be used to raise ecological awareness among Christians.

2015: The BOCS Fundation introduced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the Hungarian environmentalist community.

Projects List - QFPC™ - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS Foundation

Family life educational project
2012-13, Hungary
Healthy life educational project
2013-14, Hungary
Long-term thinking educational project
2013-14, Hungary
2017-, Hungary

Projekt list | LoveInfo - BOCS FoundationFeatures: sexual education, ecological education, drug prevention, games, etc.

It was made with an intent to help youngsters to learn to avoid the dangers they face (e.g. STDs, unintended pregnancies, addiction, etc.). The Future menu point educates about ecology, and human rights. Using the quiz in the app, the Young can check their knowledge, and learn by playing. If successfully filled out, the user gets tips in three topics. The first is supposed to increase the personal success of boys, the other one that of girls, and the third helps to improve the quality of personal connections. The app is currently only available in Hungarian, but we are planning to release it in English as well.

International youth training:
Citizens of Future project
Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Hungary (leading organization: BOCS)

Citizens of Creation projectProjects List - QFPC™ - Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS Foundation
Jordania, Serbia, Romania, Hungary (leading organization: BOCS)

Eco Lobby project
Italy, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Jordania, Egypt, Germany, Hungary (leading organization: BOCS)

Citizenship can be fun! project
Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, Hungary (leading organization: BOCS)

Continuous work in the HAND Alliance, the Green movement, the NEFE Social Advisory Body of the Foreign Office, other ministries, the municipality of Székesfehérvár, the Eco-school network, internationally in the EuroNGOs, the IFOR (International Fellowship of Reconciliation), Church&Peace, Prashant (India), ECEN, CEEweb, Population Alliance, and many more organizations and networks.