Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) was launched in 2006, and was known earlier as Voluntary Carbon Standard. VCS is the market leading carbon offset standard on the voluntary carbon market. Based on the ISO principles, the standard ensures that the emission reduction is continued, unique, and verified.

SOCIALCARBON® Standard started in 2008. The Institutio Ecológica developed it in Brazil, and the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance qualified it as „Cobenefit Best Practice Standard”. This means that the carbon credits that comply with this standard are valued as the best practice among carbon credits with additional benefits.

Gold Standard was launched in 2006. It is used in both the voluntary carbon reduction projects, and the Clean Development Mechanism projects, but it can only be used for renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency project types. The main objective of the standard is to facilitate both emission reduction and sustainable development.

Standards and Certification - QFPC™ - Quality Family Planning CreditQFPS™ | Quality Family Planning Standard™ The period between 2010 and 2016 was first registered by the name QFPC™. The standard may be used for voluntary project types, and is a key to reverse population boom, and to prevent climate change, species extinction, ecological crises, food price explosion, poverty, violent crimes, oppression of women, tragic child fates, mass migration, etc. The main goal of the standard is to serve climate protection and sustainable development,* as well as decarbonization in the most effective way possible.


All our projects are developed using the globally recognized standards, to ensure the efficiency and quality of activities.

All our projects are certified by third parties, which guarantees the quality and credibility of our projects.

Auditing Our Projects and activities are authenticated and verified by independent organizations (designated operational entities).

Transparency with market registers the QFPC™ uses the third part registers in the transactions with carbon credits, ensuring transparency and credibility. The QFPC™-s from the projects are listed in the environmental protection register of OurOffset Ltd.

Standards and Certification - QFPC™ - OurOffset Ltd.


*By „sustainable development”, we do not refer to the self-contradictory concept of „sustainable economic growth”, but the sustainable improvement of well-being (i.e. public health). For this is the common interest of every human being, which can actually be attained in practice.