QFPC Carbon Free Program - Carbon Neutral Company - For BusinessesThe future belongs to carbon neutral businesses. More and more people prefer those companies which are verifiably sustainable and eco-friendly, when it comes to their functioning and products. The population explosion and climate change are two sides of the same coin. The central question is becoming more and more clear. The QFPC™ Carbon free Program helps to choose between what is clearly worse, and what is clearly better, and it is fast, transparent, and safe.

Carbon neutrality is key to sustainability!

Are you interested in these competitive advantages?

Business walue increases | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationBusiness walue increases:
Costs decrease | Turnover increases | Goodwill/fame increases | Risks decrease
Cost reduction | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationCost reduction:
Energy cost decreases | Transport costs decrease | Stock optimization | Better chances at tenders
Turnover increases | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationTurnover increases:
New deals with green business partners | Product distinction | Customer loyalty increases
Improving goodwill | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationImproving goodwill:
Brand value increases | Shareholder commitment increases | Worker commitment and loyalty increases | Best CSR strategy
Risks decrease | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationRisks decrease:
Chance of bad reputation decreases | Risks of increasing energy prices decreases – Energy independence achievable! | Number of true competitors decreases
New customers | For Businesses - QFPC™ - Carbon Free Program | BOCS FoundationNew customers:
More and more consumers are opting for eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon netural products and companies | Ability to form new, long term partnerships


The QFPC™ Carbon Free Program helps your company to become eco-friendly, and achieve the above mentioned competitive advantages. It also distinguieshes the company from its competitors.


  • We estimate your company’s carbon footprint.
  • We give advice on reducing them (which also help to reduce costs).
  • Emissions that cannot be prevented are offset by supporting the most effective climate protection projects.
  • Offsetting is done by paying for carbon credits.
  • We are helping you with marketing programs, and display your company on multiple platforms.

Decide now, and get ahead the competition!

What’s the process?

Our experts do the carbon footprint calculation, and the size of this precisely determines th carbon foorptint of your company (or product). The result of this report determines the volume of necessary support. The calculator used for audit is internationally defined and accepted, uses carbon dioxide equivalent coefficients that are constantly updated, and is secured and updated by a third party which guarantees that the determination of carbon footprint is authentic and real.

In the case of carbon neutralization, you may support the most efficient climate protection projects, to the extent of your carbon footprint. This way, your company can become 100% carbon neutral.

The QFPC™ Carbon Free Program, uses the most effective tool of climate protection. It is transparent, financially feasible, and a unique opportunity for small or medium-sized companies, and big corporations as well.

Distinctive trademark system

Established in 2012, the iCC trademark is already used by a lot of clients. With it, you can unequivocally express your commitment towards protecting the environment.

Those businesses may use it to certify their commitment to environmental protection, which have already offset their environmental impact to the extent of their carbon footprint (for that year), and thereby proved that they take their responsibility for reversing global warming seriously.

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